Setarnet Quick Settings


Dial-in numbers
Modem accounts : 5880606 or 5881616
ISDN Modems  : 5881616 *
123 Instant Access : 123
Incoming mail server :
IMAP server :
Outgoing mail server :
News server :
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :
FTP server :
Webmail :
123 Webmail :
Internet helpdesk / Technical Support
from 7:30 to 19:00 :5834000 or 5837000

* Users with an ISDN account can also dial-in using analog modem. In that case, dial 5880606 instead.


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SETAR is the pioneer company in Aruba and the leader on the telecommunications area. Continuously SETAR brings innovation and the newest technologies to our Aruban community with the latest in products and services of the highest quality possible at a fair price. SETAR is a 100% Aruban run company that keeps habitants of Aruba and visitors with access of communications wherever they are, on the island or when they are in another country.
Seroe Blanco 29 A
P.O. Box: P.O. Box 13