BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)


For young professionals, people on the go and small to medium enterprises, BIS offers a complete mobile connectivity solution that can be purchased if your personal life demands a high level of connectivity. You can access up to ten email accounts from a single device. It provides a wireless push email solution for the individual user. You can get personal (POP3) and/or office email pushed to you allowing you to quickly respond or have the latest information at your fingertips. With the purchase of a BlackBerry device and eligible service from SETAR, a Web email account with up to 50 MB of storage capacity is included at no additional charge. Use it to aggregate your personal and work email all in one place.

You can either set-up your account via a PC web browser or via your BlackBerry Device.

To set-up your BlackBerry® Internet Service via a PC go to

To set-up your BlackBerry Internet Service via your device follows the instructions on your BlackBerry Device.


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