Closed User Group Calling


Closed User Group Calling keeps communication open among highly mobile personnel, while keeping costs in check.

SETAR offers three, different Closed User Group plans:

  • Closed User Group Calling Basic: Mobile users in this group can make unlimited calls to each other and send unlimited text messages within the group for a fixed monthly fee. While there are no restrictions on incoming calls, they are not allowed to make calls or send text messages outside the group.
  • Closed User Group Calling Advanced: Users within the group with this option enabled can also make calls outside the group by using our GSM prepaid platform. As any SETAR prepaid user, they can top-up their mobile account with our GSM prepaid cards. There are no additional charges to enable this option.
  • Closed User Group Calling Add-On: Mobile users with a postpaid package can become a member of Closed User Group for a fixed monthly fee and can make unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages to other group members.

Benefits of Closed User Group Calling:

  • Unlimited calls and unlimited text messages within the group
  • No restrictions on incoming calls
  • Option allows for access to specified fixed numbers (up to three numbers) as part of the group plan fee  
  • Option allows for outgoing calls, outside the group
  • The size of the calling group can vary, from a minimal amount to almost an unlimited number of users
  • Telephone costs can be better budgeted and kept under control

For more information regarding Closed User Group Calling, please contact our sales department at 525-1500.



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