How to configure your e-mail software


1. To configure an Email client, you will need to provide the following essential information.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) Server: The name of the machine from which you will retrieve your incoming mail. The format of the address you provide here is a normal internet name

Username: The name of the account on the machine under which mail is being held for you - remember, this is your username and not your email address.

Password: The password for supplied along with the username when you opened your mailbox. The password is not displayed on screen and is stored in an encrypted format.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Server: Enter here the name of a machine which can process outgoing mail on your behalf. This is usually, but not necessarily, the same machine you entered as your POP3 mail host (

2. At present the most popular 'Free' Email software is:

Outlook Express. This is bundled in with Internet Explorer 4.0, or available to download from .

Eudora Lite. Available to download from

Pegasus. Available to download from

These are also usually included as 'Freeware' on the CD's that accompany most popular computer magazines. Should you require a more sophisticated Email facility, the following versions are available for purchase.

Outlook (includes a personal organiser)
Eudora Pro (can be configured for multiple email accounts)

3. Configuring E-mail Clients


Having loaded the program, you will need to enter the essential items mentioned above. It is important that you establish the format required when entering the Server Information. To get to the following window, open Outlook Express. Then go to 'Tools' -> 'Accounts' -> 'Properties' and select the 'Servers' tab. As you can see all four pieces of information are entered in this window:


To get to the following window, open Pegasus Mail. Go to 'Tools' -> 'Options'. In the 'Categories' frame select 'Network configuration'. as you can see, you will need to enter the same information as required for Outlook Express, the only difference being that the items are required in a different order.


To get to the following sequence of windows, open Eudora, and go to 'Tools' ->'Options'. The 'Getting Started' options are displayed. This is where you enter the required e-mail account information.

POP account
Real name
Connection Method

If your POP and SMTP servers are on the same computer, you do not need to specify an SMTP server. If they are not on the same computer, click on the Hosts category and enter in the SMTP field the full name of the computer running the SMTP server.

You are now ready to send and receive e-mail. If you have additional POP accounts, use the Personalities Options to specify information about them.and select each of the various options in the Category frame. Note the connection method, and the form of the POP account - this differs to Outlook and Pegasus, in that you combine both the account name and POP server details.


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